A collage with pictures of project bags, and the Tipsy Knits and Grianaig Creations logo

Tipsy Knits: Another Round with Grianaig Creations

We’re on hiatus whilst we both go through some Life Events (TM), however let us introduce you to Tipsy Knits: Another Round. Recordings we had fun making as we chat with some of our favourite people. Grab your favourite drink and join us for another round!
See what we did there? Yeah, we’re proud of that…

“Here’s a shock-horror for you…I did not start with knitting!”

In this edition of Another Round, we sit down with fellow podcaster Kirsty of Grianaig Creations. Kirsty talks about how she came to pick up her knitting needles, as well as the inspiration behind her geeky project bags and hand-dyed yarn.

“…this could be how I start feeling like I belong to a community…”

We chat getting likes from our idols on Instagram, meeting at Perth Festival of Yarn, and the story behind the Grianaig Creations podcast.You can watch Kirsty’s podcast and catch up with her on YouTube, as well as find her on Instagram and Facebook. You can check out her latest shop updates on Etsy.

All images (c) Grianaig Creations

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