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Episode 25 Roll for ‘Knitty Kindness’!

Spring/summer has finally hit Glasgow and we’re back with more tipsy antics! This episode, we’re adding a summery cocktail umbrella to… Dundalgan Irish Country Cream, or as Cia has christened it, “Failey’s” (it’s like fake Bailey’s, geddit? Okay, she won’t be dropping academia for a career in comedy any time soon…) It’s cheap in Lidl, […]


Episode 22 A Love Like Limoncello

Happy February Tipsy Knitters! It’s one month to go until Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and we’re back to share our excitement- and some love. It is February after all (the content just writes itself!) This month, we’re drinking our homemade limoncello, the recipe for which you can obtain from Kirstie Allsopp. Spoiler alert- it’s delicious, and […]