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Tipsy Knits: Another Round with Otherworldly Yarns

We’re on hiatus whilst we both go through some Life Events (TM), however let us introduce you to Tipsy Knits: Another Round. Recordings we had fun making as we chat with some of our favourite people. Grab your favourite drink and join us for another round! 
See what we did there? Yeah, we’re proud of that…

“You sometimes can escape into a different world…”

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This episode we’re joined by Carola of Otherworldly Yarns.
A few years ago, we were invited to join a lovely group of knitters around a table at EYF by a very welcoming and generous knitter wearing some of the most vibrant knitwear and best leggings ever, and now we’re very fortunate to count Carola among our friends!

“People can make their own stories…I very much see yarn as a tool to carry on your own adventure…”

We talk with Carola about her crafting history and journey from knitter to hand-dyer, as well as the inspiration behind her magical approach to dyeing. Every skein Carola dyes tells a story, much as every crafter who works with those skeins goes on to work the yarn into their own tales too. Each skein also quite literally comes with its own story, written by Carola’s partner Martin. Speaking of, he was part of Carola’s contribution to last year’s Tits Out Collective Yarn, and now features as a signed pin up on Countess Ablaze’s wall!

A skein of pastel pink 4ply yarn with rainbow speckles.

You can follow Carola on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates, as well as find her store and purchase the materials to craft your own yarny adventures on Etsy.

All images (c) Otherworldy Yarns

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