Episode 41: #WorthKnits Quarantine Catwalk Edition

It’s barely been two weeks and we’re back with some more tipsy knitting action, lockdown stylez!

In Our Glasses
Cia has a rum and coke, made using some long-refrigerated Morgan’s Spiced rum.
Pip is off the booze this week.

Pip serving hats-in-lockdown-realness

Yarns We Mention
Snuggly Stars Yarns
Chromatic Yarns
Third Vault Yarns

Cia has totally not been wearing her Magpie Tendency all week long…

Patterns We Mention
Ama Sweater
Magpie Tendency
Flora T-Bar Slippers
Brioche Kitty Hat
Rose Cardigan

Ask Us Anything

A few of you asked us questions via Instagram. We happily answered and overshared!

#WorthKnits Returns

We’ve been asked a few times since autumn of 2018 when we ran #WorthKnits over on Instagram if we’d bring it back. We’re now stuck indoors with a buttload of knitwear, so dear listeners, the answer is YES. Welcome to #WorthKnits: Quarantine Catwalk Edition.
Want to get involved and (eventually) win some squishy yarny goodies? SIMPLE.

Cia wears her Ama sweater on the way to and from the home gym… (and can’t do splits as well as she could 10 years ago! The things we do for the ‘gram…)

Take pictures of yourself in all those knitted items you love so much. The ones you feel are too ‘fancy’ to wear every day, the ones that you aren’t sure you can pull off until you lose weight (fuck that by the way, you look beautiful, wear those sweaters and cardis!), the ones in expensive yarn or the colour you’re not sure suits you without some fake tan.
Take pictures. Whack them on Instagram and tag them #WorthKnitsQC (so we can differentiate between 2018 and now!) We’ll award prizes for the fanciest, the silliest, the most off the wall backgrounds, and maybe some at random as well as any other award title that takes our fancy.
We’ve even taken some pics to inspire you…

Pip takes her knitwear from spring to summer in her short-sleeved Ama sweater

So get posing, get snapping, and don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag! As a note, we can’t see private accounts so we won’t be able to see your amazing knitty pics.

Sending you all gentle hug and loves from at least 2m away!

All images (c) Cia Jackson & Pip Vennall

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