Tipsy Knits: Another Round with KalokShekEllen & Mrs Lam Yarns

We’re on hiatus whilst we both go through some Life Events (TM), however let us introduce you to Tipsy Knits: Another Round. Recordings we had fun making as we chat with some of our favourite people. Grab your favourite drink and join us for another round!
See what we did there? Yeah, we’re proud of that…

“I think it’s important as a maker that you try and put yourself out there…”

Floral pattern project bag. Image (c) KalokShekEllen

This episode of Another Round sees us sit down and have a chat with the Ellen, the indie dyer and sewist behind Mrs Lam Yarns and KalokShekEllen.

“…when you buy a project bag from me, there’s a bit of good luck and a bit of me in it…”

Two skeins of pink hand-dyed yarn. Image (C) Mrs Lam Yarns

Ellen shares her crafting journey, as well as the inspiration behind her project bags, and her processes as a hand-dyer. She also very generously gives us a sneaky insight into some exciting upcoming projects inspired by her life, as well as where you can see her next. We really enjoyed talking with Ellen, and we’re looking forward to seeing her in person later this year!

Two skeins of hand-dyed yarn. Image (c) Mrs Lam Yarns

You can shop for Ellen’s project bags and yarn in her online shop, as well as follow her on Instagram.

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