Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2019 TOFT Photobooth


Friends might not let friends knit drunk, but nobody said anything about being tipsy. 

The Tipsy Knits Podcast is run by friends Cia and Pip, who love nothing more than chilling out with their knitting and a cheeky tipple. Settle down with your favourite drink (alcoholic or otherwise), some biscuits and your latest WIP, and join them as they chat about everything that is yarn-related and marvellous.

The Slightly Tipsy Hosts

Cia loves a knitty selfie

Cia is in the process of writing up her thesis on the representation of fandom and gendered powered in Batgirl and Harley Quinn comics (yes, it is a real PhD!) as well as tutoring at university, but she doesn’t let her day job get in the way of knitting. She’s firmly of the opinion that leopard print is a neutral, and that coffee is always a good idea.

(FYI, it’s pronounced “See-ah”, like the singer.)




Pip modelling ALL THE KNITS on holiday



Pip is a self-confessed big geek and out to master every craft possible. She’s already got knitting and crochet under her belt, and is an aspiring designer to boot. When not crafting, she enjoys travelling, gaming, and catching up on her favourite fandoms.





Disclaimer: Although we occasionally review alcoholic drinks on the podcast, we always do so safely and responsibly. For information on alcohol limits and guidelines, please refer to the Drinkaware website.

The Tipsy Knits Logo was designed by, and is copyright E. Wilkins 2019.

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