Tipsy Knits: Another Round with The Little Bushbaby Makes

We’re on hiatus whilst we both go through some Life Events (TM), however let us introduce you to Tipsy Knits: Another Round. Recordings we had fun making as we chat with some of our favourite people. Grab your favourite drink and join us for another round!
See what we did there? Yeah, we’re proud of that…

“What are you doing? I want to do that!”

In the first episode of Tipsy Knits: Another Round, we chat to Aileen, the talented beadweaver behind The Little Bushbaby Makes, beautiful wee luxuries made for your knitting. She’s also someone we’re very lucky to count as one of our pals!

“I like learning how something’s done and then completely ripping up the rules”

We chat about Aileen’s crafting journey, being magpie and loving all things sparkly, her stunning beaded stitchmarkers, progress keepers and shawl pins, as well as ripping up the rule book and doing her own thing.

You can find Aileen’s dazzling jewellery for your latest WIP on Etsy, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook too.

All images (c) TheLittleBushbabyMakes

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