Episode 15 Travels, Socks and Tangents


We’ve been pretty busy since Episode 14, so grab a drink and settle down for some Tipsy Knits action- be warned, we go off on our travels, and a few tangents!

This episode, Pip’s providing the drinks from her trip home to Northern Ireland, and we try out some local-to-her-whiskey from Bushmills Distillery.




It’s been a while, and we’ve both plenty of projects to share that are on and off our needles. Pip has a fine collection of finished hats, and Cia naturally has a lot to say about the fantastic free Wonder Woman wrap.

Since our previous episode, Cia’s been on work trips to Amsterdam and Dundee, whilst Pip has been to Belfast and Budapest for hen parties and holidays. Naturally there’s some stash acquisition involved for at least one of us, not to mention a cheeky glimpse behind the scenes at our total faves, Fluph and Rusty Ferret.


As an aside, if any listeners are aware of any good yarn shops or indie dyers in the Belfast area, please get in touch- Pip would love to be able to support them on her next visit home.

Finally, we’re contemplating starting a Ravelry group so that we can maybe kick off a few KALs properly, maybe do a giveaway or two, and throw in some general Tipsy Knits shenanigans. If this is something listeners would be interested in, again, please let us know!


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