Episode 14 Tipsy Knits Tour Edition

This episode Tipsy Knits goes on tour as Cia recounts her adventures in Canada, and Pip prepares to visit Budapest.

We’re taking a break from beer, and trying Sortilege Canadian Maple Whisky Liqueur Cia brought back from Canada. Spoiler alert- it’s delicious!

Image- Pip Vennall

In On and Off the Needles news, Pip had a productive few weeks whilst Cia was away (draw your own conclusions here) and shares the many, many projects she’s completed lately, including her first ever pair of 4ply socks. Nice one, Pip! Meanwhile, Cia has continued her brioche kick.

Screenshot 2017-06-17 09.17.42.png
Image- K.M Bedigan

Have you seen K.M Bedigan’s new book, A Love Like Salt: North yet? You may recognise Cia acting as model for this beautiful collection. The collection includes a shawl, hat, cowl, mitts and socks, and features some lovely textured knits and slipped stitches. The collection is available on Ravelry now for £12 (or as individually prices patterns), and there are e-book and paper copy options. K.M Bedigan is also the designer behind the 2016 and 2017 Indie Burgh Craft Crawl shawls, which are available on Ravelry.

Screenshot 2017-06-17 09.20.29.png
Image- Cia Jackson

In our newly titled section, Stash Acquisition Mission (modestly named by Pip’s husband), we take a look at some of the yarns Cia brought back from Canada, enhancing her and Pip’s stashes. Cia had a fab time visiting Espace Tricot, and is already looking forward to future visits! In the meantime, if you’re wondering about the exact contents of our stashes these days,  Pip has dusted off her YouTube channel and started blogging her way through her finished objects.

Tipsy Knits has some more travelling on the horizon- all in the name of work, weddings, and (hopefully) some yarn! Join us next time when Pip will tell us all about Budapest and Belfast and Cia will have been to Amsterdam and Dundee.


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