Episode 26 Open the Gates!

It’s officially summer here in Scotland, so to celebrate, we’re here with a bumper boozy episode to help you select the perfect accompaniment to your barbecues and lighter knitting projects!

Thank you for everyone who left lovely comments about our last episode. We appreciate your kind words, and hope we’ve inspired you to spread some knitty love!

In the can

This episode we go bumper on the booze (it’s finally summer, y’all!) so we have some very special cans of alcohol to mark the occasion.

On & Off the Needles

Some of our FOs this month!

Cia has finally cast off her (now gargantuan sized) Daylight Fading shawl, sped through an Una Shawl by Rosie of PixelAtlantis, and got her Kipper socks off the needles to boot!

Pip has cast off an adorable Peanut Sweater and is now working on a Dotted Rays using some fabulous yarns (including two purchases from Perth Festival of Yarn 2017!)

Pip’s joining the next Knit British Natures Shades Along, so has treated herself to some WYS Jacob for the occasion.


Our joint KAL with Kirsty of Grianaig Creations and Rosie of PixelAtlantis is drawing to a close. There’s still time to finish your projects to enter the FO thread. We’ll announce winners and prizes on Ravelry and via the Tipsy Knits instagram.

British Knitting & Crochet Awards

Several Tipsy Knits faves have been nominated for awards. Cast your vote! 

We’re THREE!

Holy yarnballs, we’ve been doing this THREE YEARS! Thank you all so much for sticking with us and supporting us- we couldn’t have done this without you.

On Paladins and Gatekeeping

Screenshot 2018-06-26 20.01.04.png

We’re big fans of mixing knitting and roleplaying… 

We elaborate on what we meant by “paladin” in last episode, and chat a bit more on knitty kindness and gatekeeping (thanks to a brilliant thread by Karie Westermann). Our take can be summarised as thus: don’t be a dick to other knitters. We would also like to hope that we haven’t gate-kept during our three year run, but sincerely apologise if we have ever made another knitter feel as though we have. Life’s too short to not be kind to each other and share in yarny pursuits.

A Slightly Dry July

Tipsy Knits plays a huge role in our lives, but we both have lives and commitments beyond the knitting- shocking, we know. Sadly there’ll be no episode during July as Pip enjoys some well-earned holidays and time with a new family member, and Cia works on finishing up her thesis. We really appreciate your patience and don’t worry- it’s only a dry July!
Though we may not be in the same room as each other for a while, we will both be supporting the amazing Tits Out Collective on July 1st, and would urge you all to do the same. The Countess announced this after we’d recorded, but suffice it to say, Tipsy Knits will be ALL IN and will likely have some Tits Out Collective SPAM for you next episode.
You can still keep up with us on social media, and though we won’t be recording until August, we can reveal we have some exciting reviews and other plots lined up for you.
Until then, we wish you a wonderful summer and we’ll speak to you in August!
Cia & Pip x

Images (c) Cia Jackson & Pip Vennall

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