Episode 25 Roll for ‘Knitty Kindness’!

Spring/summer has finally hit Glasgow and we’re back with more tipsy antics!

This episode, we’re adding a summery cocktail umbrella to…

Dundalgan Irish Country Cream, or as Cia has christened it, “Failey’s” (it’s like fake Bailey’s, geddit? Okay, she won’t be dropping academia for a career in comedy any time soon…) It’s cheap in Lidl, but alcohol pricing has changed here in Scotland, so it might not be for long.

On and Off the Needles

Cia has finally got her Exploration Station off the needles and still has her Daylight Fading shawl on the go. As ever, the general theme of Cia’s knitting this month is: who pays attention to pattern instructions? (Not Cia…)

Pip has finished her The Shepherdess shawl , as well as an adorable wee Baby Vertebrae for the impending arrival of one of her siblings’ first babies. She’s also just started on a Peanut sweater vest by TinCanKnits.

Exploration PodKAL

There’s still time to join the ExplorationPODKAL  fun, if you haven’t already! Both of us finished ours, and we’ve been eyeing up everyone’s FO’s and progress over in the Ravelry groups.

General Yarny Things We’re Excited About 

Have you picked up a copy of Knit Now lately? If not, run to your local newsagent/supermarket now, because Pip’s only INSIDE THE PAGES of it. We won’t spoiler it, but you get to see some photos of one of her amazing FO’s, and it’s one of our fave magazines anyway.

podcaster cropped
image (c) Perth Festival of Yarn

Perth Festival of Yarn (8-9 September) tickets are on sale (as well as cool merch including T-shirts and more!) and we are excited! We had an amazing time in 2017, and Perth is one of our favourite yarn festivals so we can’t recommend this enough! Check out the website, and don’t forget to follow @perthfestivalofyarn on Instagram for more updates and the latest news.

Stash Acquisition Mission

Pip recently acquired several beautiful skeins of Queen of Purls’ Citadel DK and Citadel sock yarn (if you’ve not tried this yarn, where have you been? We love it!) Pip plans on using these lovely skeins for some baby knits, however should the parents of the incoming niece or nephew not be a fan of Pip’s chosen colours, well Pip may reclaim them for herself.

Cia decided to treat herself after passing her latest PhD progress review, and bought two skeins of VIOLA Merino Fingering yarn from Loop. One matches the skein she received at Christmas and will become an Audre shawl by Bristol Ivy, whilst the other was yet another rose gold shade that Cia the rose gold magpie couldn’t resist. At least it’s a change from straight up pink?!

We’re introducing a new section this episode, it’s Pattern Acquisition Mission! That’s right, we got SAM and now PAM. SAMPAM. PAMSAM…You get the picture.

We both regularly pick up patterns, and as the theme of the episode suggests, we want to share the love and recommendations when we can. With that in mind, Pip’s recently bought TinCanKnits’ Max and Bodhi’s Wardrobe, which is an adorable collection of baby patterns, and Cia’s succumbed to the Vertices Unite shawl, as well as Rosie of PixelAtlantis’ Una shawl. Find out how we get on with these patterns in future episodes!

Knitterly Kindness and Paladin-ery

We’ve been thinking about kindness, appreciation and the knitty world lately, and we want to spread some love this month (and also always). We chat why we’re going to make a concerted effort to be more vocal when we love something or can recommend it, as well as how much it costs for designers to produce those patterns we love so much (and why we’re against sharing the downloaded files with others online). Mostly, we’re thinking about spreading positive and honest vibes all round- whether it’s writing a review for an LYS, rating a yarn or pattern on Ravelry, highlighting helpful notes on a fellow knitter’s project, or just leaving a nice comment on Instagram. Nobody likes a keyboard warrior, get your paladin on (this pleases Cia greatly as someone who played a chaotic good paladin in a 5 year campaign of shenanigans), though we don’t shame against classes- go warlock, cleric, ranger…just maybe not rogue. No pattern pilfering, please.  *

Tickled PINK Giveaway

Last episode we reviewed Tickled PINK and set up a giveaway thread on Ravelry. Thank you all for your pink drink suggestions- yum to the pink lemonade! Congratulations to lindsay123uk, random.org selected your post as our winner! We’ve spoken to the lovely barista of JavaPurl designs and an ecopy of the book will be sent to you via Ravelry.

*As a disclaimer, we both don’t praise things unless we really mean it. Whilst we get excitable around yarn (who doesn’t?!), we’re both keen to provide honest feedback. Anything we recommend on this podcast is something we like ourselves and want to share. We are not paid to do this, nor do we receive compensation.
If, however, you are a designer, dyer, or producer and would like us to provide an honest review on the podcast, please get in touch. You can email us tipsyknitspodcastATgmail.com, or fill out our contact form.

Images (c) Cia Jackson & Pip Vennall.
Perth Podcaster Logo (c) Perth Festival of Yarn

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