Episode 39 – Tangents & Tequila

Pip here so this post is going to be pretty bare bones!

For drinks we went a little Hotel Chocolat crazy! We tried their:
Passion fruit margarita chocs
Pink champagne truffles
Chocolat cream liqueur

On and Off the Needles:

Pip has a couple of secret projects on the go, she’ll let you know once she can talk about them!
Cia has clean needles and cast off a Cedar Point and some Tuuli mitts.


Patterns – Gifted ysolda sweater by sewcanjo – thanks!
Yarn – Secret stuff

  • Rusty Ferret Doll in Static
  • Knitting Goddess Britsock 4ply in Golden Rainbow
  • Pixel Atlantis Squishy 4ply in Vintage Christmas Lights
  • Squishy Stripey Sock in The Ghost of Christmas Present
  • 2 Squishy 4ply minis in Cranberry and Hummingbird

Patterns – Shadow Maze, Jen Peck
Yarn – Knitical Role club yarn

And that’s it! We had planned to chat some size inclusivity stuff however J made his thoughts known and we had to abandon. We didn’t get a chance to record the rest and the UK had some… interesting news so we left off with a hasty message from Pip.

We’re going to be on an accidental hiatus for a few months (including the blog, sorry this is so late!) but tune in for episode 40 in March!

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