Episode 30 Ferret Festivities

Hello Tipsy Knitters!

First off, thank you all for your feedback on our last episode. We don’t really have the words to express how much it’s meant to us that so many of you have shared your experiences, or started casting on special knits and first garments just for you. We’ve started using #WorthKnits over on Instagram, and we’d like to invite you all to join in, and keep sharing how much you deserve knits that make you feel beautiful, powerful, and worthy of the time, care and effort that goes into your projects.


We’re…not drinking anything this episode. When you’re both full of cold, drinking alcohol isn’t the most sensible of plans, especially if one of you likes to dose up on Cold & Flu tablets- otherwise we’d certainly contemplate a hot toddy!

On & Off the Needles

Pip has her Psalter on the go, but she’s reached the border at last!
Cia has clear needles- woop!

Pip’s finished her Sunset Highway sweater and is loving it, and Cia’s finished yet another Dipyramid, as well as her Tecumseh sweater. Apparently we’re feeling the Caitlin Hunter love this episode!

Alright. Brace yerselves folks, we indulged!
As promised, Cia acquired the skeins of yarn so nicely displayed on Instagram by Cosmic Strings– oh how they know her kryptonite!
Pip’s birthday goodies have arrived, and she has been lovingly squishing some yarn from Truly Hooked, Other Wordly Yarns, Babbles Yarns and a nice squishy skein of Jacob yarn from the fab LittleBushBaby.
Oh and we hit up Ferret Fest, where Pip got hold of some WYS 4ply, some Knitting Goddess 4ply Britsock and some cheeky Rusty Ferret and Knitting Goddess mini-skeins, whilst Cia picked up some Rusty Ferret to give to a lucky listener in the future.

On the pattern front, since last episode, Pip released a shawl pattern, the Fire Nation Shawl. It’s been in the works for a while, we’re dead proud of her and you can find it over on Ravelry...

Keep those BUDSKAL babies coming! We have more finished objects, and don’t forget that you have until December 31st to get in on the destashing action!

Ferret Fest



We had a brilliant time over in Dundee visiting Fluph, celebrating the fabulousness that is Rusty Ferret and hanging out with some fantastic yarny people- not to mention bumping into some of you around Dundee afterwards too!


We were lucky enough to meet designer Maddie Harvey (@HarveyKnits on Instagram and host of Shawl Saturday on YouTube). Maddie showed us her upcoming sweater design, the Ama Sweater, which is coming out this Christmas. It’s a gorgeous and extremely wearable cropped colour-block top-down sweater with a lovely string of pearls yoke, knit in The Wool Kitchen’s BFL DK. Suffice it to say we’re in love, and we may have something exciting on the horizon for you. In the meantime, follow Maddie and keep an eye on the hashtag AmaSweater for more info!

We’ll see you again in December when we’re both visions of festivity and ready to tackle the Christmas tipples!

All images (c) Cia Jackson & Pip Vennall


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