Episode 29 Because You’re Worth Knits

We’re one month into our annual #BUDSKAL, Autumn has officially arrived (along with Glasgow’s usual wet and windy weather) and- content warning- this episode we’re talking body image. Grab a drink, dive in your stash for a #BUDKSAL candidate and lets get this show on the road!

First of all, thank you to Sadie for sending us some knitty paladin kit in the post- we’re both really touched by such a thoughtful and apt gift! We can’t wait to wear our knitty paladin brooches with pride!

We’re drinking some Rosie’s Pig Raspberry Roller Cider, generously donated to the podcast by Mairi. Thank you Mairi- spoiler alert, it’s a big hit!

On & Off the Needles

Cia is continuing to knit monogamously, and currently has a Tecumseh sweater on her needles, using the gorgeous Artfil Mericana DK she acquired in Montreal last month. Pip, on the other hand, is onto the body of her #PerthCastOn Sunset Highway sweater and has hit the lace edge on her Psalter shawl.

Since last episode, Cia’s finished her Tits Out Unite– a gargantuan Vertices Unite knit using Tits Out Collective yarn. She’s also flown through her first #BUDSKAL project, a Dipyramid Hat from Pom Pom Quarterly Winter 2017 knit using some Falkslands Merino from podcast pal Heather, and some alpaca silk DK from The Mulberry Dye Studio. Two skeins successfully destashed!
Pip has cast off her Hogmanay socks using the self-striping yarn from Caledonia Dyeworks she bought at Perth Festival of Yarn last year, as well as a matching Sockhead Hat using the remainder of the skein- also for #BUDSKAL!

On The Horizon

We’re excited for Edinburgh Yarn Festival and have our accommodation booked already- classes have already sold out!- but in the more immediate future, we’re planning to head to Dundee next month (November 17th) for Ferret Fest, a cracking mini yarn festival from Rusty Ferret and Fluph, with a cracking line up to boot. See you there?!


It’s Pip’s birthday, so she’s treated herself to some Cookston Crafts 4ply in the Mallard colourway and is now desperately waiting for it to arrive in the post!
It’s also Not Going To Rhinebeck for those of us…not at Rhinebeck this year. Check out #notrhinebeck2018- plenty of lovely dyers and makers have had special updates and there’s plenty to enjoy despite not being at Rhinebeck!

We’re very much enjoying seeing #BUDSKAL projects materialise in the chatter and FO threads on Ravelry. If you’re um-ing and ah-ing about joining in, perhaps we can entice you to stash dive with some prizes news?!

Our prizes for the KAL this year includes some Doulton Border Leicester minis, some Twill & Print progress keepers, as well as two skeins of Mrs Lam Yarns. We may even throw in a few more goodies as surprises. What are you waiting for? Get stash diving and join the fun!

Because You’re Worth Knits
Content Warning: Body Image

As we’re both on sweater kicks, we decided to delve into discussing body image for this episode, and we are aware that this can be a difficult subject for some- it has been and can still be for us too. This one therefore comes with a content warning in case anyone would like to skip this section out this month. Please bear in mind that the views expressed here are our own- we are by no means experts, and aware that our experiences are not necessarily universal. This isn’t a topic which can neatly be covered in one episode- or indeed several episodes- and we hope to further reflect and perhaps return to this in the future.
We both talk about our personal feelings around knitting garments for ourselves, as well as the people and recent events who have inspired this conversation, as well as informed and changed our attitudes towards how we view knitting for our bodies.
In this conversation, we mention BodiPosiPanda, Jameela Jamil and I Weigh , Gamer Crafting. You can find more information and support via BodyPosiPanda and Unedit, as well as the Body Image Movement, Mind, and Beat.

All images (c) Tipsy Knits Podcast


  1. Cindy Fuller

    I heard about your podcast recently.I had to reply regarding self worth and knitting. I feel while what you said can be true, for myself, as someone with weight issues, I have hesitated to knit sweaters because I don’t want to go through the time and expense only to find out that it doesn’t fit me. Amy Beth (fat squirrel) just put out a very comprehensive tutorial about making a sweater and making it fit. It is wonderful. She shared her weight and measurements, which I would never do, and I love her for it! I am sure she will inspire us to knit sweaters for ourselves! Now on to listening to your podcast! Have a great day! Cindy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kris

    I’ve only just managed to listen to this one. Great discussion! Thank you (I have a cardi on the needles!). You mentioned that Pip has a couple of collections of patterns she has put together (eg one skein, 2+ skein). Any chance you could provide a link? (or point me to it in my blindness) You guys find the best patterns!


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