Episode 27 Titsy Knits

Alright, Tipsy Knitters?! Did you miss us? It’s August, and we’re back with plenty of chatter for you all to inevitably giggle at.

We’ve a double whammy of drinks this week, with some Purple Ram Gin and some Ouzo. Whilst we may have more to test this episode than in normal episodes, just a casual reminder to drink responsibly- Pip and I have left our student days behind and we’re sampling as usual.

On & Off the Needles
As promised, we’ve moved a lot of yarn off our needles.
Pip is working on a testknit for Rosie of PixelAtlantis and a Gamaldags sweater, having cast off a swatch of Doulton Border Leicester Aran for this episode, not to mention her Dotted Rays, another Baby Vertebrae, and a Merrie Dancers Toorie hat (aka this year’s Shetland Wool Week pattern!)
Cia has finished two- TWO- Auspice shawls by Lisa Mutch, and a Purslowe hat by podcast fave, Karie Westerman. She’s now working on a (hacked) So Faded sweater and also testknitting for the lovely Rosie.

Tits Out, SPAM Time

We’re not going to rehash the story of the Countess and the Tits Out Collective, but naturally we supported this amazing movement. Between us, we amassed yarn from Queen of Purls, Giddy Aunt Yarns, The Wool Kitchen, BabblesYarns, Otherworldly Yarns, JOMA Yarn, and Stranded Dyeworks. Pip also got some patterns, including Eli of SkeinDeer’s If I Want Exposure I’ll Knit Mitts for My Tits. We’re delighted to have helped contribute to the £55k total raised for charities around the world. Consider us saving up for next year!
Beyond that, we also acquired some Doulton Border Leicester yarn which we review this episode (and in a separate blog post!)

How do you say “skein”?
Pip ran a quick poll over her social media feeds to see how people pronounce “skein”- aka one of the most common words you’ll hear on this podcast. It’s inspired a fair few conversations among our pals, but the short version of this is that the conversations and combined poll result was an even split between “skeen” and “skayne” and we’ll continue saying it as we always have.

Indie Burgh Craft Crawl

Cia and pal of the podcast Heather went on a cheeky day trip to Edinburgh for the annual craft crawl. We had a great time- as ever!- and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces whilst squishing some delightful yarn in some of Edinburgh’s finest stores.
Although she didn’t buy any yarn, Cia did acquire some patterns from K.M Bedigan, who held a trunk show at Cathy’s Knits; the lovely South Bank Shawl and the Ensphere cowl (with NINE possible ways to wear it!)


We review some yarns kindly donated to us by Doulton Border Leicester Yarn. You can hear our thoughts on the podcast, and read about them on the Tipsy Knits blog too. Thank you to Ellie for allowing us this opportunity.
Please note that we were not paid for this review, and all thoughts are our own!

Perth Festival of Yarn
It’s your one month til Perth klaxon! Pip will be attending along with podcast pal Heather, however Cia is no longer able to attend due to a family wedding. She’ll be following along via the hashtag #perthyarnfest18 and #peopleofperthyarnfest18.
You can acquire tickets and goodies on the Perth website, and check out episode 17 to hear about the fun we had last year. See you there?!

Other Admin

Whilst we appreciate being thought of, please do not tag us in Instagram or other social media giveaways. It’s a lot of notifications for us to work with, and the volume is getting a little unmanageable.
We’ve loved the feedback to our Knitty Paladins and anti-gatekeeping chat. It shouldn’t need saying, but be kind to each other. We’re united by our craft, and there isn’t a place for hatred, intolerance or bigotry either on this podcast, or the wider yarny community.

Be kind to each other, and we’ll be back next month. xoxo

All images (c) Cia Jackson and Pip Vennall

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