Review: Tickled PINK by C.C. Almon & Dami Almon

We are delighted to be able to review C.C. and Dami’s new book, Tickled PINK. You can hear our thoughts in Episode 24, but we also thought we’d add in a cheeky wee blog post for those of you who might prefer your reviews in written form!

Before we begin, a quick disclaimer– we were each given a copy of the e-book to review having responded to C.C.’s call for podcaster reviews on Instagram. Everything mentioned below is our honest response (we are not being paid or similar). We’d like to thank C.C., Dami, and Deb at JavaPurl Designs for giving us the opportunity to review this utterly pink-tastic book.

Although one of is is more invested in the colour pink than the other (three guesses who!) Tickled PINK and the variety patterns within appealed to both of us. We appreciated the mixture of accessories, as well as the varying skill levels and techniques, and the ways C.C. and Dami had, in some instances, incorporated additional colours and yarns into their designs. Not to mention how each had a variety of additional inspiration behind their designs, from nature to Audrey Hepburn. There’s easily a pattern to suit most skill levels, and knitters’ tastes. Not to mention, the patterns are now available for individual download on Ravelry.

Unsurprisingly, Pip was drawn to the Alba cowl, admiring the striking stitch patterns and the play between the two colours Dami had used in the design. She also liked the Bashful Stripes Shawl, and noted that both patterns would be suitable for stash busting- something we’re fans of here at Tipsy Towers! Although she doesn’t tend to knit patterned socks, Pip was intrigued by the I Found Pearls in the Seaweed socks, which feature a beautiful cable running along them.

As an occasional sock knitter, Cia liked the versatility of the four sock patterns in the book. Each sock pattern included toe-up and cuff-down instructions, which Cia appreciated having been put off knitting socks with a construction she’s not a fan of. Equally, as the podcast’s resident pattern hacker, Cia also liked that several patterns included customisation options, from the placement of the colourwork in the I Believe in Pink hat, to the size of the Sea and Sky Wrap. Having more options- and ways in which to make a knit one’s own- is always a plus.

We both felt that the photography in the book by Melissa Foltz was fantastic, a mixture of friendly and uplifting images which showcased the patterns. We’re also fans of the lovely illustration on the book’s cover too by Julia Wardell!

Overall, we think this is a lovely collection of accessories, and if you want to win a copy of the e-book, head over to our Ravelry group and tell us your favourite pink drink.

Thank you again to C.C., Dami, and Deb for sending us copies to review, and for providing a giveaway copy too. You can find more of C.C. and Dami‘s patterns on Ravelry, and catch up with them in their group too. You can watch their podcast on YouTube, or over on their Geeky Girls Knit website.

Feature Image- JavaPurl Designs.

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