Episode 21 CoKnitment Issues

Image~ Pip Vennall 

Happy New Year and happy new episode! We’re back and ready to kick off 2018 with some commitment (or should we say, coknitment- see what we did there?!) issues.

Pip’s been struggling to commit to projects over the Christmas period, whilst Cia…well, Cia’s ongoing inability to coknit to her WIPs is creeping towards a near legendary status, so the less said the better there! Even so, we do have some FOs, including Pip’s blanket for her sister’s bump, and Cia’s collection of hats by pal of the podcast, K.M Bedigan.

The BUDSKAL has ended- boo! But we’ve prizes to announce- yay! Congratulations to winners littlebushbaby, Moiraeknittoo and Rhorhobot, and thank you all for joining in. We loved seeing your FOs appear in the Ravelry thread, and we’ve plans for more fun things on the horizon.


As announced earlier last week, we are delighted to be part of this year’s Edinburgh Yarn Festival Blacker Podcast Lounge! Naturally, we share exactly how delighted in this episode. Are you taking part in this year’s Blacker Yarns PodKAL? You can cast on on design you like- just make sure it’s made using some of Blacker’s (many delicious) yarns. Pip’s cast on a Clayoquot Toque, and Cia’s still plotting her project (with her Cornish Tin from the very first batch!), but you’ve plenty of time to join in! The KAL runs from 13th January- 11th March, and you can join the fun (and get more details) over in the Blacker Yarns Ravelry group.

We’ve also got a wee review for you. Looking for patterns for those Christmas Stash Acquisitions? Or perhaps something to knit with future Edinburgh Yarn Festival purchases? K.M Bedigan has kindly donated a copy of her book, A Love Like Salt, to the podcast. We share why it’s awesome, and we’ll have a cheeky wee giveaway of said book (and a skein of Rusty Ferret!) next month.

Finally, we round things off with some 2018 goals. We don’t do resolutions here at Tipsy Knits, but there’s nothing wrong with starting the year with some achievable plotting that doesn’t involve the statement “new year, new me” or other such ridiculous mantras. Are you hoping to tackle new techniques, or try some new tipples? As ever, let us know!

We’ll be back next month with more Edinburgh Yarn Festival excitement, and the A Love Like Salt giveaway.

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