Episode 9 It’s Tea Time!

This episode we’re all about winter knits and keeping warm!

As promised, this episode we bring you Cia forcing Yorkshire Tea and Nice biscuits on the poor, unsuspecting Pip. Listen in to find out how successful that is.

We have our customary chat about knitting, and share what we’ve been working on this last month.

We had a wonderful time at Queen of Purls’ #warmandworking event, which was in aid of Scotland’s Big Issue vendors, and keeping them #warmandworking on their pitches this winter. It goes without saying that we came home with more yarn than we started with.

We finish with a quick look at The Book of Haps- better late than never! Pip’s already finished one hap, and we’re both queueing up more. If you’re stuck for Christmas, it’s the perfect gift for the knitter in your life.

Happy listening!



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