A wine glass containing purple yarn, next to a wound cake of purple yarn on a white background

Episode 8 We’re back (again)!

Hello lovely listeners! We’re back after an extended break. It’s all been happening here in Glasgow. Both of us moved flat, pals got married, people went on holiday, and we’ve continued to mix our drinks and yarn.

Screenshot 2016-11-11 18.46.46.pngScreenshot 2016-11-11 18.47.17.png










In this episode we have:

-our usual booze-y chat (turns out Cia still isn’t sold on beer), and we share our most recent projects. Pip may have an exciting announcement involving Ravelry too 😉

-a wee look to future events we’re super psyched for. #warmandworking at Queen of Purls? EYF2017? YES PLEASE!

-a WestKnits-along. We’ve both a hankering for some squishy WestKnits shawls, so we’re both casting on one of the lovely Mr West’s patterns each. Feel free to join us! No rules, just yarn.

Happy listening! x


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