Episode 5 Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016

After a brief life and technology-induced hiatus, we’re back and recounting the fun we had at this year’s Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and joined by yarn festival first-timer, Heather.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 15.59.37.png
Heather doing important squish-testing before making purchases


There’s our usual mini drinks reviewing (guess which one of us forgot to bring a drink along?!), chat about what we have on and off our needles, followed by oodles of happy EYF chat. What did we squish? What did we covet? Who did we meet? What will we do with all of our purchases? Listen in to find out!

Screenshot 2016-05-17 15.59.47.png
Pip meeting the ever-so-lovely Stephen West

Huge thank you to Amanda (aka OwlPrintPanda) for ferrying us across on Saturday, and to Jo and Mica for organising such an amazing event!

Screenshot 2016-05-17 16.00.43
Group selfie in our knitted items




Handy-dandy links to squishy things

Want to see exactly what we were squeeing over?


Blacker Yarns
Buffalo Wool Company
Dye Ninja
Ginger’s Hand Dyed
Hedgehog Fibres
The Knitting Goddess
La Bien Aimee
Old Maiden Aunt
Skein Queen
The Wool Kitchen


Buccaneer– Justyna Lorkowska
Byatt– Karie Westermann
Distinction– Caitlin Ffrench
Frances Herself– Karie Westermann
Peppermint Leaves– Clare Devine
Take Heart– Fiona Alice
Tesserae– K.M Bedigan
Tuuli– Lydia Gluck
Vintage Bullion Scarf– Marie Segares

Screenshot 2016-05-17 15.57.24.png
The group haul. SO. MUCH. YARN.


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